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    TOK-wallet is made out of a genuine FSC panel. Your cards are the crucial parts of the wallet. They form the top and bottom of the "coins purse" which is shaped in the wooden frame. The silicone band hold all the components of the wallet together. TOK-wallet reflects a minimalistic and sustainable image through your everyday life. It is way more than a wallet, it is a lifestyle.

    The milling work of TOK-wallet took place in an innovation centre with various start-ups that the TOK team collaborates with, in order to bring to the wallet the most efficient and high quality finish. The untreated wood will get darker with its use a fact that makes your wallet more personal. In other words, it is going to live through and share your life.The TOK-wallet is assembled with a durable silicone band also produced locally and it comes with a 2-years warranty.


    5.5 x 9.5 and 1.2cm thin ! TOK-wallet need minimum of 2 cards to form the "coins purse" and can contain up to 8 cards. It is the thinnest wallet ever in which you can keep you cards, notes and coins together !


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